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At BE Church we want to see as many people as possible to come and to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. We want to see believers growing in their Christian faith and sharing their faith with others, so that they may have the opportunity to believe too.

For this to happen, God calls us to be serving Him, and to be serving one another, sacrificially as Jesus served us and was sacrificed on the cross for us and our sins.

BE Church’s Vision:
Proclaiming Christ. Growing in Christ.

Mission – We want to present and proclaim Christ to the people of Bathurst.
Onboarding – We want to welcome people into our church community.


Gathering – We want to gather on Sundays and in small groups, to continue proclaiming Christ, and to also to grow in Christ with one another.

Serving – We want to be serving one another and our community, for the sake of proclaiming Christ and growing one another up in Christ.

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